1973-2023 - BRAND EVOLUTION: The new visual identity of OVS. Read more
1973-2023 - BRAND EVOLUTION: La nuova visual identity di OVS. Leggi di più



A hyper-specialized, high-tech company

OVS designs and manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure equipment for oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical plants, for the fertilizer industry and for refineries all over the world.

The transition to a joint-stock company in the 1980s occurred with the increasing development of internal know-how and the first construction technologies that transformed the production into more complex equipment, entirely manufactured in the workshops in Vertova.

At the same time, the approach and expansion of the sales force on the international market made it possible for the company to be also recognized by foreign customers and to expand product exports, which were already considerable in the early 1990s.

The dynamic and enterprising spirit of the past still characterizes the outlook of OVS, which has always been run as a private company by the Guerini family.

Its central location in northern Italy, just a few kilometers from Milan and the main seaports, was the strategic decision to locate the business in the Italian industrial hub for excellence and has always facilitated transport both by water and land.


OVS’ history, from origins to recent years

The 1970s

The first filter

Late 1970s

The first heat exchanger

Late 1970s

The equipment sizes changed from small to medium/large.

The 1980s

The new workshop at the current site

The workshop in the settlement at Via 5 Martiri, 33 in Vertova (BG) in the early 1980s.

Early 1980s

Special transports

The size of the equipment began to be considerable and required special transports, which at the time were considered bulky and non-standard

The 1990s

The production of heat exchangers and pressure vessels became a well-established core business and the equipment acquired an increasingly sought-after structure and complexity for which transport and handling management is also a daily, established way of working.

Early 2000s

Large high-pressure heat exchanger projects are a success in terms of production and operational performance on the plant.


The first MP Decomposer

Increasingly complex and detailed heat exchangers for special processes and applications are produced by the Vertova workshop and delivered for the first time.


Expansion of production site

In 2013, the expansion of the production site in Vertova was completed with a new and immediately functioning workshop covering a total area of 8,000 m2.