1973-2023 - BRAND EVOLUTION: The new visual identity of OVS. Read more
1973-2023 - BRAND EVOLUTION: La nuova visual identity di OVS. Leggi di più

Brand evolution


The new visual identity

2023 is an important year because it marks our 50th birthday: a milestone that celebrates our journey and encourages us to look forward. For this special occasion we present the new visual identity of OVS, which represents an important step forward in our corporate evolution. We have decided to invest in a new visual identity that reflects our determination to grow and adapt to the constantly evolving challenges of the market.

The new OVS logo represents the essence of our Company in a simple and effective way.

The clean and fresh design, the light, technical lettering and the white line heading upwards through the logo stand as our constant growth and commitment to the market.

The payoff ‘you need, we make’, chosen to go with and complement the logo, emphasizes our willingness and spirit of service, perfectly matching our daily commitment to provide quality solutions to our customers.


A new commitment

This evolution of our brand is the result of our constant commitment to remain at the forefront, adapting to changes in the industry and the values that guide us. Our goal is to continue to invest in human resources, research and development, sustainability, and operational excellence, to maintain our leadership position and offer maximum value to our customers.


The choice to excellence

Looking to the future, we are determined to continue our path of growth and innovation.

The new visual identity of OVS represents our commitment to providing high quality products and services, driven by our passion and dedication to excellence.