Ongoing commitment and sustainable growth

Quality policy

The basic principle of the OVS quality policy is based on ensuring concrete and real objectives with particular attention to the improvement of company performance aimed at client satisfaction.

OVS formally undertakes to carry out a systematic and documented tracking of the activities useful to the Quality System to ensure its continuous adequacy and effectiveness in fulfilling the requirements of the standards, the principles of the current Quality policy and any future new objectives that the Company decides to implement because of the changing situations of the international market and the consequent expectations of Clients.

HSE policy

OVS adopts the concept of minimising to keep environmental impacts under control, preserving the safety, health, and hygiene of its employees as it deems these aspects to be essential and an integral part of proper production activities management.

In accordance with this choice, OVS strives to achieve realistic objectives and to inform its stakeholders of these intentions.

The reduction of environmental pollution, direct and indirect emissions, the decrease of wastage, and the impacts deriving from the product use and end-of-life are just some of the points that characterise the attention OVS believes it wants to pay for such aspects that have never been identified as priorities before.


Sustainability and responsibility

A path of awareness and consciousness raising that the company has decided to undertake as a duty and sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders demonstrating a strong focus on environmental and social issues.


Certified manufacturers according to the most important international qualifications for quality standards.
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Recognised as one of the world’s leading providers of corporate sustainability assessments covering four main topics: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable sourcing.

In December 2021 OVS was awarded the Ecovadis Silver Medal and achieved an important milestone in the management of ESG issues. With this achievement, the company officially ranks in the top 25% of customers assessed by Ecovadis and sees this as yet another motivation to further improve its sustainability ratings in the years to come.

Quality Policy

First investments in decarbonisation

In support of the decarbonisation process, since 2021 OVS has chosen to adhere to a 100% green energy supply programme: all the company workshops and offices are currently powered by electricity from renewable sources. This fact contributes to the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG Scope 2), which are now 0 (zero) tCO2eq for the electricity section.