Being located in the north part of Italy, in the beating heart of the Italian economy, O.V.S., Officine Valle Seriana, represents a valid contribution to enhance all the features and characteristics to mark a solid path in the Business Community all around the world.

Founded in 1973, O.V.S. reflects the Vision and the Mission that the Founders still put in the activities with particular references to the performances and the product qualities, and has become more and more well integrated in the worldwide scenarios.

What can O.V.S offer to the market?

Mainly speaking, all the items that are part of chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer plants such as: Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns and Pressure Vessels.

But, What, then, can O.V.S. be different from others?

O.V.S. is very proud to carve out strategy and policy that are tailor made to the single Client, paying attention to the details that matter more: Quality, Reliability, Delivery and Environment.

Till now, O.V.S. has been able to be present in the global markets and this is something that increases day by day our knowledge and attitude that contributes to increase a Know-How that O.V.S. is very proud to share with Clients and End-Users.